Posted by: baixue10 | June 25, 2010

This is a busy week in my pep course. Although there are many challenges, I finished my IRP at last. It is a hard assignment for my study. From selected topic to did some research, I spent more time on this job. I am not sure I did it well, but I try my best to complete it. During this period, I strengthen my research skill and collect information. Although I am busy everyday (homework^ ^), I am adapt to this kind of busy life. At the same time, I received many feedbacks during these weeks. I can find my weakness easily. ‘No pains, no gains’ I consider I acquire more things from my teacher and my classmates. From I did not know how to speak English to now. I obtain more things in Adelaide, regardless of my study or my life.   

 In terms of speaking, I think I am so lucky due to I always meet kind and nice people such as my landlady, my teacher, my friend Teresa and my dare classmates. I can find anytime to practice my speaking. Learning second language, the first thing is that we need create environment of speaking English. As everyone known, in China, many students do not have many chances to talk with English speakers. We are good at reading rather than speaking. Although I still have mistakes when I speak to others, but I feel more comfortable than before. I remember when I took the IELTS exam, I was very anxious.(terrible*~*)

 Along with speaking, writhing is another significant part of English study. Because I received many feedbacks about my writing skill, I think I should do more things in the further. Because I consider it is important for us who want to continue our study in the university. We should improve our writing skill to adapt the academic learning in a new different country, especially the international students who use the English language as the second language. There are many problems about my writing skills. Firstly, my academic vocabulary is limit. Thus my article looks like not an academic article. Secondly, I do not how to develop my opinion or position sometimes. As teacher’s comment, my article has less cohesion and logic. During these weeks, my teacher gave me some useful advises. Using website is a convenient method to expand our English skill. For vocabulary, we can go to and click on selection. It will tell us how we can remember words correctly and quickly. I can read some journals or articles to enhance my vocabulary as well. In addition, I should do many exercises such as summary to improve my writing skill.

How time flies! I have been Australia for four mouths and my course will finish, I think I will continue to study hard. Fighting!  good luck, everyone !

Posted by: baixue10 | June 2, 2010

During these two weeks, I finished my second essay and group work. They are hard assignments for me, and I realized the different culture influences the different thinking totally. I always writing have less cohesion. But I do not know why I am not having logical about my writing all the time. I tried many methods, but I found most of them are not useful for me. I feel very depress. I do not know how I can change this situation quickly. My landlady told me writing is a long way to improve. But she suggested me to read newspaper and remember some report word.

Then I follow her advice to read newspaper. I buy newspaper once a week, because I do not read it quickly every day. I need more time to consult the dictionary when I read the article. Although it spends me a long time to know what words meaning, I find how I can organisation my writing in some degree. Some words from newspaper are better for me to use them in my article. Maybe it is not directly help me to improve my writing skill, but I think it is an effective way from a long-term period for my study. I not only know the news about both Australia and other countries, but also practice my thinking. At the same time, from seminar I learn how I can make my article clear: use topic sentence and clause. I think I need pay more attention about this part. Up to now, I have learned English for 4 month, but I think it is not enough. I need more patience from now^ ^.

Posted by: baixue10 | May 14, 2010

There is a big challenge for us— IRP in next eight weeks. From I learned English from secondary school to now, I have not written any articles more than 700 words. Hence, 2000 words like a big problem for me. I do not know how I can achieve the limits words of IRP. But my friend told me not to care the words at the beginning. I should just focus on the relationship between IRP topic and my major in university. Because my major in china is also finance, I have many backgrounds about it. So it is seem easy for me to choose the topic. Through several days thinking, I choose two topics: one is about finance crisis, and another is about exchange rate and export. But I ignore collect information about them. Although I have the background knowledge about these topics, there are still differences between china and Australian. So I should collect information or data again.

As we known, students use English as a second language is hard to search information from library or internet. So I find a useful guide book: keys for writers (Ann Raimes). In this book the author introduces how to write, which writing styles we can use, the grammar and some website which we can use them to find more links about our writing skills and collect information. Though these websites, we can find any things we want to know.

Then I consider think deeply how I can write IRP logically and rational due to sometimes I have not logical structure about my article. In china we have the different writing skill such as prone.  Maybe I think I express my position clearly, but others do not understand what is it the main idea about my article. I think it is the cultural difference. If I want continue my education in the University of Adelaide, I need to adapt new learning environment. So I begin read some books and newspapers to practice my thinking and logic in order to build English thinking about writing. I think library is a best place to find journals and books.

So in the next 8 weeks, I will use the library resources and continue doing more practices about grammar and listening every day. Because Rome was not built in one day, I should through lots of practices to strengthen English skills.

Posted by: baixue10 | April 29, 2010

How time flies! I have been Australia for three mouths. From I did not know how to speak English to now. I obtain more things in Adelaide, regardless of my study or my life. At the same time, I received many feedbacks during these five weeks. I found I stop moving forward. I become silent in class and do not answer questions actively due to I feel tired every day. Maybe 10 weeks seems long time for me to obtain  knowledge. But I consider it is not an excuse. Studying is student’s duty. I should refresh myself again. Hence, I must focus on my study. Strike a proper balance between study and rest.

On the one hand, I learned more things from pep class: writing, speaking, reading and listening.  Although I finish essay on time, I still found some problems about my English study. I am always using informal words instead of academic language when I write academic writing. So my teacher gave me some useful advises. Using website is a convenient method to expand our English skill. For vocabulary, we can go to and click on selection. It will tell us how we can remember words correctly and quickly such as prefix+ verb= verb. Though some prefixes, we can guess many meanings of new words. It also lists academic words and general service list. After learning, we can do some exercise to help us remember words. At the same time, shows us how we can write essay, report and so on. After read it, we can know structure of essay and how we can organize sections of essay. Hence, they are good ways for us to do academic practice. At last, we can read some journals and essays to learn the structure and the words. All of them can help us realize our writing success.

On the other hand, I enjoy my life in this new country. During these weeks, I attended two weddings. They are different from china. In china, we hope the wedding is ceremonious. We do not care spend a lot of money to hold the wedding. But in my friend’s wedding, I just find the simple, warm and romantic. We only wish they are happy. I think it may be cultural difference. But I think I am lucky because I stay with local people, I can feel different cultures and customs. This is a wonderful experience. ^ ^


Posted by: baixue10 | April 12, 2010

During this week, we begin to write down the essay in the pep class. Although I have written the essay when I was senior student in the university, this is still difficult for me to finish it. I am not sure I can do it well. There are several reasons. Firstly, it has the different tasks. In china, we did not to argue or discuss the topic, we have not do practice before. So I am very confused about essay. And it is so hard to understand the references which teacher hands out. There are a great number of  new words and the new knowledge which I have not heard. Secondly, I do not know how to write at the beginning. I have many ideas in my mind but I can not express them though writing. Thirdly, I want to write the complex sentences instead of simple ones.

I think I should pay more attention to practice how to write the essay. Because I consider it is important for us who want to continue our study in the university. We should improve our writing skill to adapt the academic learning in a new different country, especially the international students who use the English language as the second language. Concerning this problem, I seek help from my teacher and friends. They gave me several effective methods to improve my writing skill.

Firstly, I should learn how to arrange the structure and express the opinion. When I read an article, I can notice the author’s position and the structure about the article. Then think clearly how I can use the model to write my article. Secondly, learn the scan the information. Do not read every sentence, just find it which I need. It not only save many time, but also easy to understand the article. Thirdly, I can scan the website or grammar book to learn more grammars. is a useful website for us to obtain the knowledge of grammar. The last but not the least is that practice again and again. Practice makes perfect. Use my spare time to doing the writing practice.

This is my ways to improve the writing skill, if you have some useful ways, please tell me. Thank you very much!

Posted by: baixue10 | March 26, 2010

a new problem

This week I found a new problem about my English study. That is my listening skill. We change another English teacher Sue to teach us class due to Dave got sick this week. Sue is a responsible teacher. During the class, she gave us a great number of information about how to write the essay. But I found sometimes I did not understand what she is talking about. Maybe the easy is a new filed or maybe my listening gets worse. I never have this feeling before this time. So I felt upset, I have been in Adelaide for seven weeks. I always consider my listening skill has improved. But it is not truth. So I think I should handle this problem seriously.

As we known, listening skill is important for everyone, especially international students. On campus English is widely used and we need communicate with others in English. We should understand the meanings in order to learn and live well in Adelaide. We use our listening skill anywhere and anytime. So I think I should take action to improve my listening skill.

Firstly, I must do listening practice for one or two hours everyday. Choose a piece of BBC news which I have interest in, and write down the contents. Secondly, after finish the writing, I am listening as repeating the news which I hear. It is more difficult at the beginning. I should face new words and new culture. I try to do this way during the time when I took the IELTS. But I give up it at once after I pass the IELTS. So I consider I should do it again. Although it more difficult and boring, it is an effective way to improve my listening skill quickly. And some friends suggest me to watch the films but do not watch the captions. Watch the film again and again and try to repeat the whole story. I think they are good ways to improve my listening skill. But the most important thing is that I do not give up, just stick it out!

Posted by: baixue10 | March 19, 2010

The fifth week

How time flies! I have been in Adelaide for five weeks. Although I am busy everyday, I still gain more knowledge form the pep class. But I am nervous of vocabulary. I have limit vocabulary. So I do not understand the meaning when I communicate with other students sometimes. And I can not express my opinions due to I do not know how to use the words correct. Memorizing the words, I think, it is very difficulty for me. I always remember the words and then forget them. I tried many methods but I gave up at the end, because in my mind it is a boring thing for me.But I recognize the important of the vocabulary, so I used my free time to expand the vocabulary.

And I found read newspaper can expand vocabulary quickly. But the words are difficult. Some friends suggest me to learn though the websites.  There are more methods to teach how to remember effectively. So I want to try again. Make a detailed planning before I start it. Everyday I spend one hour to scan the website. And then spend one hour to make sentences with the words as more as I can. Others advise me use the English-English dictionary and try to remember the English meaning not Chinese. I think they are good ways to learning new words. And the important is keep studying all the time. I can use the time on my way home, to memorize the words. Many a little makes a mickle. If others have better methods to memorize the words, I am glad to learn it, thank you.

Posted by: baixue10 | March 12, 2010

a busy week

This week I finished my first group work, although I did not do it very well, I am so happy now due to I finish it finally. It spent me a lot of time to do the task. Because I and my partner Jawad have not did this work before. We took a tortuous course due to we have misconstrued the topic. Until to Monday, we found the mistake. But there is not enough time to finish it excellently. So we should collect information again. Everyday I only sleep four or five hours. So I felt very tired. I even did not focus on class sometimes. And I found the time passes fast but I did not know what has happened everyday.

Thanks to my friend gave us some suggestions; we can finish our task on time. From this thing, I found I have no idea about time management. So I ask help for Dave, our teacher, I want to know why I always spent a long time to do homework. For example, before I begin to do my homework, I always think how to do it or how can do it better. Maybe an hour has passed before I knew it. Hence I feel very busy everyday, in fact, I do not do anything. Then Dave advised me to make a plan. Writing down everything I have to do then if I finish one thing, checking a  mark. It will cultivate my confidence. And I also can make a timetable to restrain myself. I find someone of my classmates make a time plane effectively, I can absorb the essence form them. If you have the same problem with the time management, you can follow do this way.

On the other hand, Dave told me how to improve my speaking skill. He told me set a goal to make English language for communicate and forget out of the “test” mindset. So I should change my mind in English, maybe it will last a long time. But I think if I insist on accumulation, I will use English language as my first language.

Posted by: baixue10 | March 2, 2010

Never,never,never give up

Studying in Australia is a great challenge for me. From childhood to now, I have not left my parents. So I am afraid of living alone. When I made a decision to go to abroad to continue my education, I realized I would overcome many difficulties. Especially as the learner of a second language has many obstacles to overcome, such as: vocabulary, slang, listening and so on. But speaking English fluently and accurately is most difficulty for me live and study in Adelaide.

Although I have learned English for many years in China, we don not have chances to communicate with foreigners and to practice speak in English, because we have not environment of speaking English on campus. We learned a great deal of words and grammar, but we forgot them at once after we pass the final examinations. So I consider speaking in English may be more difficult. I usually do not know how to express my idea and opinion. On the one hand, when I want to say a sentence, I often think how to say in Chinese and then transfer them into English. It takes me a lot of time to think not to talk. On the other hand, I can not speak on and on instead of simple sentences and several words. In other words, I am poor in speaking.

When arrived in Adelaide and met my landlady, I told her I want to improve my speaking skill. She told me do not worry, she would help me all the time. I take every opportunity of speaking English: talk with my landlady and her neighbors. Never mind it is right or wrong. Sometimes, she teaches me some slang. Much to my amusement, I say a sentence use some slang which she teaches me, she will say “perfect”. Then in pep class, I have more chances to talk and discuss. After class, I watch ABC1 News every day. Follow do this, I not only do some listening comprehension exercise but also learn how to speak. Thirdly, my room-mate Yao who has been in Australia for one year. She is good at speaking English. Vivienne asks us don not speak Chinese at home. We have to practice speaking English among ourselves. But I think it is a effective way to do a lot of exercise after class. Although Yao will move on weekend, I will continue to learning and practicing. And in pep class, Dave and my friends gave me more effectively suggestion. Thanks for their help. I believe follow by those way, I will improve my speaking skill. fignhting!


Posted by: baixue10 | February 19, 2010

Up to now, I have been in australia for one week. I still remember whenI  arrived at Adelaide Airport,I closed my eyes and took a deep breath because I knew there could be lots of troubles for me. I felt  rather lonely in the strange country and wanted to bury my head in the sand. But now I find the people of Australia are friendly and warm, especially my landlady Vivienne.She is a kind and elegant local lady.Regardless of  whether I study or work, she has helped me a lot. So we are a family now, also with Max who is 11 years old cat.

I entered the pep1 last monday. There are 14 students who come from differernt countries, so I can  know something about other countries’ cultures. It is a wonderful experience for me. The pep class is active and relaxed. We can ask questions anytime and we can hold differennt ideas. It is not the same as in China. IListening carefully to the teacher, and hand in the homework on time, you will be considered an excellent student in China. But it is not enough to listen to the teacher in in pep class. Independent learning may be more important. We should leran how to explain our opinions in public. It is a challenge for us.  As we all know, Chinese students are very shy due to we have not many chances to train ourselves before and hence we must beat shyness. I think this is the first step for us who want to learn English well. We can takean  active part in extracurricular activities in order to blend into current life as well.

To meet the needs of career development in the future, I decided to continue my eduction in Adelaide. I fail many times in achieving both academic study and daily life goals. But I believe that life is not perfect, and what I am trying to do is to gain wonderful life experiences. I firmly believe I will improve my English skill through the pep class. I hope all of us graduate with honors after 20 weeks.

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